St. Marys Boys National School,
Principal: Peter Coakley

“Because the Bytek MPS offer is a fixed price, we can print without having to worry about the costs. Prior to signing up, we did a pricing exercise, across a range of options, based on a cost per page – and we will save money each year. It’s great peace of mind that I know my costs, I can budget for them, I don’t have the hassle of breakdowns, replacements or repairs and the cost associated with those,” 

Peter Coakley.

We can print without having to worry about the costs.

Printers have become an essential tool in the teaching kit, says Peter Coakley, principal of Maynooth Boys’ National School in Co. Kildare. “In the past, teaching was significantly textbook-driven, whereas now we’re being advised not to be led by textbooks, but to plan directly from the curriculum and that textbooks should be just one of the resources that are to be used to implement what is planned. Availability of other printed materials is essential for teachers to be able develop and create the necessary additional resources. Hence, the importance of a good printing solution in a school.”

In a school with 530 pupils, a staff of 29 teachers and busy administration office, it wasn’t always easy to meet their printing needs efficiently. Like many schools, over the years Maynooth BNS had accumulated a mix of printers: eight different inkjet and laser printer models, along with a photocopier.

Keeping ink and toner cartridges available for such a range of printers proved a challenge. While the school didn’t want to run out of replacement supplies – leaving teachers unable to print, without forewarning – it ended up having to dispose of unwanted spares each year. 

Having to manage different machines and cope with unpredictable costs all added up to a headache for Peter and the school. When the school’s copier contract came up for renewal in 2015, the Bytek MPS’ exclusive schools-only offer of €1 per pupil per month instantly caught Peter’s eye. “Instead of taking on a major purchase contract for a replacement photocopier, with an associated ongoing maintenance or copies per month contract, and continuing with the unpredictability of printers, I could bring everything under the same package and know my costs for the next four years. Plus, I was getting all new equipment and eliminating technical support issues and costs around these printers, which were all included in the €1 per pupil deal.”

Bytek MPS replaced all of the old devices with two Epson A3 colour printers located centrally, with three A4 colour machines for more remote parts of the building, where it’s not as convenient for teachers to print and collect from the main unit. All of the printers are connected to the school network, so teachers can choose the most appropriate device for their needs, and the printing cost is the same.

Peter is impressed with how user friendly the new Epson printers are and how they have opened up a range of new options for teachers, such as using more colour in their documents. Under the Bytek MPS offer, the school is allocated 53,100 colour pages and 397,500 mono pages per year, which more than meets its printing needs. 

“In the past, colour printing was minimal and was routed centrally through the school office because of the cost factor. Now, teachers have access to colour printing, directly from their classrooms. The vibrant colour is highly visible around the school and is a really positive addition.”