St. Brigid’s Infant School,
Finglas, Dublin.
Principal: Cepta Ball

“In the six months since upgrading to the new offer, St Brigid’s now has two brand-new Epson printers, an A3 machine installed downstairs and an A4 unit located upstairs in the school. Bytek simply calculates how many pupils are in the school and provides the right amount of printers to meet its needs. ” 

There’s more colour than ever throughout the infant school, creating a vibrant atmosphere for children to learn and play

As a school located within a disadvantaged community, every euro counts for St Brigid’s Infant School. Based in Finglas, Dublin 11, the school caters to girls and boys between the ages of 3 and 7, from early start up to first class. St Brigid’s is designated as grade 1 under the Department of Education and Skills’ DEIS programme (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools).

There are around 200 pupils in the school, with a pupil-to-teacher ratio of 20:1 in every class.
St Brigid’s has 19 teaching staff, including mainstream and support teachers.

Unlike many areas where parents’ contributions can help with the running of the school, DEIS schools receive a grant per pupil. Despite the grant, school administrators still have to be as smart with their budgets as any other school. Rising running costs mean that every opportunity to save money is welcomed.

Until summer 2015, St Brigid’s had a single, networked printer-copier unit that allowed teachers to print from their classrooms. However, the cost-per-copy pricing model meant that colour printing was an occasional luxury and, in practice, was often restricted. Maintenance and service calls also cost extra, so that an unexpected printer breakdown would need extra money to fix. But printers and IT equipment are now as essential to teaching as schoolbooks, so something had to be done.

When Bytek MPS introduced its schools-only €1 per pupil per month offer, things changed for the better. St Brigid’s signed the deal and now, instead of paying on a usage basis, it has fixed billing for the next three years, covering all of its costs including replacement ink cartridges and service calls. Being able to predict its costs ahead of time is critical for St Brigid’s: it’s one less thing for the school to worry about.

Attendance and merit certificates given to the pupils can now be printed in colour, as can the various charts that have begun to appear throughout the premises. Thanks to the new printer deal with Bytek MPS, there’s more colour than ever throughout the infant school, creating a vibrant atmosphere for children to learn and play. Along the corridors and in the classrooms, visitors to the school comment on how nice it is. It’s an old school and the colour definitely brightens up the place.

The school has also benefited by being able to offset the cost savings from its printing bills and putting them towards essential utilities like water and gas. In short, St Brigid’s is getting a lot more for less money.